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A place for your stories! Only hetero stories, OCs or real female celebs. ~ Hikki
This community was created for your stories. Slash is banned because "normal" pairings can be nicer than you think. Mostly about JE, but also actors and other groups. Write entries like you´re used to (author; pairing; warning and so on), but please do a LJ-CUT or give us the link (that´s what I do ;D). Yoroshiku. (more later)

Some rules to follow

01) Only OCs (Original Character/s)and female celebs. Also allowed: DORAMA fanfics. NO slash stories! You can post them in other communities, except it´s ONLY friendship, then you´re allowed to post it in this community.

02) Keep all fanfictions under a LJcut or a link to your journal.

03) Use tags!
- author xx
- length multichapter; oneshot; drabble
- pairing xx/oc ; xx/female singer etc.
- rating

04) Please, show these :
Title :
Author :
Length :
Pairing :
Rating :
Genre :
Warnings/Disclaimer :
Summary :
(if you like "Link to previous chapter:")

05) English fanfictions (or translations) please

06) Your journal mustn´t be f-locked because all members want to read your stories, not only your friends ;) (That means that your fanfictions should be open to everyone - your personal stuff and so on can be f-locked, if you want.)

07) Please hold stories "over 18" and stuff like that back. Here again, post in other communities.

08) Follow the rules, onegaishimasu! ^^

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