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17 April 2010 @ 11:23 pm
The Promise of Revenge  
The Promise of Revenge

Title: The Promise of revenge.
chanjuu + daintyxdoll 
Genre: Action, romance [little comedy]
PG-13 [few bad words]
If only we owned all these pretty boys. This time we don't even own the original characters. HA.
There are 10 boys and they are part of Yakuza, they help the other mafias for revenge in a very high-tech way. They have been trained in various things like fighting, computer hacking and playing with fire and such their whole life. So when the 3 brothers' parents mysteriously die, they start suspecting about one person. They try and fail to find out who killed their parents. Then Kota, the oldest, decides to change their personalities and try to be normal and less Yakuza-like and attend school. The 10 boys then enter a school where their life is pulled into action and love and go on a rampage to save their families and their loved ones. But will they be able to?


“This life is like a disease, Hiro, once it starts it only ends when your life ends.” )

Chapter one coming soon :D