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27 August 2009 @ 08:46 pm
[Multi-chapter] More than friendship... Chapter 6  

Title: More than friendship... Chapter 6, the last chapter T_T
Pairings: Sato Takeru/Sano Natsume, Narimiya Hiroki/OC

Author: Ramadiii
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, romance, AU

Length: 2472 words
Disclaimer: I wish I could say I owned them *wipes tears*
Chapter summary: When does a family become a family?



Hiroki really said that?!” Shun asked horrified and Renge nodded, still sobbing her heart out in her best friend's arms. She had showed up at his apartment about ten minutes earlier, eyes blood-shot and cheeks red after running all the way from her place to his.

Renge and Hiroki had been together for more than a year now but they hadn't gotten engaged yet, they hadn't because if they did they would have to make it public and since Hiroki didn't want Renge to be in an awkward position with the media they hadn't. And although Renge didn't mind their engagement to be announced publicly she had just smiled and agreed with Hiroki since his public image was very important in his work and she would never do anything to mess things up for him.

But for some reason they had started talking about their future.... Hiroki sort of wanted to get engaged but not until five years from now.... At least. He didn't really see the point of the whole thing.

Renge wanted to get engaged and eventually get married with Hiroki so when he said that he didn't want to she had felt like he tore her heart out off her body and turned it into ice. She felt like her feelings didn't matter at all and that his carrier was more important than her.

Shun had been shocked when Renge told him what he had said to her. Even though he probably didn't mean anything bad by it, he should have known better than to say something like that to Renge who's mentality was still somewhat unstable from her former depression and couldn't take everything as well as she was expected.

Renge, listen to me.” Shun cupped her face and looked into her blood-shot eyes from which the tears wouldn't stop falling, it hurt him to see her like that and a shiver was sent down his spine every time she sobbed. “You have to calm down before you have a panic-attack again. The one two months ago was more than enough.” He forced a smile as he remembered the incident.

They had been heading home from a photo-shoot, Renge had tagged along to watch but the photographer had liked her face so much he had pulled her to stand next to Shun and pose. She had felt the panic rise in her chest but since it was Shun's work she bottled the feelings up inside and did as she was told.

The photographer had been super excited about how the pictures turned out and thanked Renge for allowing him to use her in the shot but she had just shook his hand absentmindedly, trying to keep the panic in check but when they had made their way out on the street again she fell down on the ground and started shaking uncontrollably.

Shun had been out off his mind from not knowing what to do, his body shook almost as much as Renge's, he was so scared when her breathing became hoarse and when it started slowing down so much Shun could hardly hear it his heart almost stopped but luckily the panic-attack didn't last very long. She was soon “awake” again and on slightly shaking legs they both walked home again with Renge leaning softly on Shun's shoulder.

She and Shun had agreed on not telling Hiroki about it, he was very stressed out about his many projects and since they knew the reason for the attack they considered it somewhat irrelevant and had therefore kept it to themselves.

I know he probably didn't really mean it that way but...” Renge sobbed into Shun's chest causing him to stroke his hand over her long hair.

I don't care, there are some things that you just don't say. You may think it but you don't say it. He should know that.” He kissed her forehead and continued stroking her back until her sobbing stopped.

Thank you, Shun. I'm sorry if I'm putting you in a bad position here, you being best friends with Hiroki and all that.” She leaned away from him a little so that she was no longer supporting herself against his chest.

He smiled and squeezed her hand tight, he looked into her eyes and something in them made her feel shy.

You never have to be sorry when you're with me, Renge. Sure, Hiroki may be my friend but you mean so much more to me.” He kissed her hand and she blushed a bit as he did. He was acting a little strange, he was more touchy than usual but she didn't really mind.

Shun leaned closer to her and stroked away a few strands of hair that had made their way across her face and secured it behind her ear with a serious expression on his face, it puzzled her and when she met his gaze she averted her eyes because of the seriousness in the other's.

Renge, why did you have to fall for Hiroki first?” He whispered and snuggled into the crock of her neck.

Shun, what are you talking about?” Renge asked but when she tried to remove his head from her neck he jerked up and without any warning he pressed his soft lips against hers.

She just sat there, too shocked to do anything. Was Shun, her best friend, really kissing her? What was going on? It was too late for April Fool's-day and yet there they were, sitting on the couch in Shun's livingroom.... Kissing.

Renge placed a hand on his chest and pushed him away with a flushed face.

W...what do you think you're doing?” She turned away from him, trying to hide her bright red face.

Kissing you. Is that a problem?” He said in a true Hanazawa Rui-spirit, looking like he had done nothing wrong.

'Is that a...' Of course it's a problem!” She turned around and looked at him with slight panic in her eyes.

Why?” His voice was calm and it just made Renge's face even more red, from frustration this time.

B...because I'm with Hiroki. He's your friend for God's sake, Shun!” Renge stood up and got ready to walk out off the room when Shun grabbed a firm grip around her wrist and pulled her down on his lap, holding her down.

Let go off me.” She struggled to get up but he was a lot stronger than her.

Why would you want go back to him? He doesn't understand you like I do, Renge. He never did.” His arms around her waist tightened and she didn't like the pressure against her ribs so she started kicking, trying to wriggle away from him and surprisingly it worked. She headed for the door but Shun was too quick for her, he pushed her up against the wall and pressed himself against her until she felt his heart beating against her chest.

Shun! Please let go off me.” Her eyes started to shed tears but it didn't seem to bother him one bit, he just smiled and kissed them away.

Renge shivered as he did. He was crazy! Had he always been like this or had she just been too blind to see it?

You'll see, Renge. You'll see that after this you will never want to go back to him, you'll never want to leave my side.” He cupped her face and forced her to look into his eyes, they were wide-open and the way he looked at her just made her entire skin crawl.

Shun, I want to go back to Hiroki.” She pleaded. “I want him... No one else.”

The stinging pain in her bottom lip made her realize that Shun had just hit her and before she could say anything a hand found its way around her throat and pressed against it hard.
She felt the panic rise in her chest as she could no longer breath and she scratched the hand at her throat trying to make him let go but all she got in return was a crazy laugh.

Just as her vision was getting blurry he let go off her. She slid down on the floor, coughing for air when she felt how she was pushed against the floor. She still felt sick from the lack off air and was too weak to push him away when he started unzipping her jeans with a chuckle. She tried to wriggle a little but that just earned her another punch in the face. She gave up.

She had lost. He was going to rape her and there was nothing she could do about it, strangely enough the panic stopped. She just shut down, closed her eyes and started to slip into merciful unconsciousness when she felt the weight of her friend disappear, two arms lifted her up and a hurried heartbeat next to her face. She didn't know what had happened and she didn't really care, steadily the darkness grew around her until she was surrounded by a warm wind that made her heart beat a little harder and with that she slipped into unconsciousness.


Renge?” A soft voice called her name in the darkness and with a small whimper Renge slowly opened her eyes. The light blinded her and she had to close her sensitive eyes again with a groan, a soft chuckle was heard from the person next to her and a hand that caressed her face made her skin tingle. “I'm glad you're awake.” She slowly opened her eyes again and this time she didn't mind the stinging light in her eyes.

The familiar voice made her relax although she hadn't felt that way around him for more than a year, she looked into his eyes and she smiled a tired smile.


Looks like I got there just in time.” She stood up and turned the lights off, helping her to see without having to squint.

She slowly sat up and looked around, she was in his bedroom, covered by a blanket. Her cracked lip had been cleaned and taken care of and she was still wearing the same clothes as she had worn at Shun's place.

What happened?” She asked and gratefully accepted the glass of water given to her by Take.

I was heading home from work last night and I saw you run out from your apartment. You looked really broken up about something so I decided to follow you to make sure you didn't so anything stupid.” He leaned back on the chair that he was sitting on. He spoke in a calm voice and he looked so much more mature than it had a year ago. “I waited outside your friend's door but when I heard you scream I rushed inside, apparently I arrived just in time. I knocked him out, called the police and got you here...” Renge brought a slightly shaking finger to her lip, wincing at the pain. “And don't worry about that...” He pointed at her face. “There shouldn't be any permanent marks.” He smiled and walked over to his closet where he pulled out some of his clothes and placed them in an open suitcase that was laying on the floor.

What are you doing?” She asked in a high voice, she didn't even try to hide the worry in it.

I'm leaving Japan tonight. Too many sad memories here, can't stand it anymore.” He turned around and smiled a sad smile at her.

What are you... I don't understand.” A tear escaped her eye, she didn't want him to leave.

Take chuckled and sat down next to her on the bed to dry her tears.

I have to. I've been a jerk towards you and I really am so sorry about it so I thought it was best if I got out off your hair. Don't you?”

.... Where are you going?” She asked in a shaking voice.

Britain. Thought I might go see Big Ben, it's supposed to be huge.” Renge didn't understand how he could look so calm about the whole thing, she hadn't heard from him in more than a year and once she finally sees him he's leaving to another country.

Are you ever coming back?” Her entire body was shaking now and Take leaned in and hugged her close.

One day. Maybe.” He smiled and stood up, walked over to the suitcase, picked it up and walked to the door. “I called Hiroki before you woke up, he'll be here for you in a few minutes. I hope you'll be happy with him, Ren. You really deserve it.... Goodbye.” He turned around and walked out off the room, leaving her on the bed still with tears running down her face.

A few minutes later Hiroki did arrive and he was worried beyond his senses. He had been looking for her all night and when he called Shun to come and help him look he had gotten no answer so he had (if possible) gotten more worried than before and it was not until Take had called him and told him what had happened that he finally calmed down a bit.

Renge! I'm so sorry for what I said the other might. I wasn't thinking straight, I'm so stressed lately with all my work and...” He paused and Renge just looked at him with questioning eyes. “You know what? That doesn't matter. I do want to marry you, Renge. I want to spend the rest of my life with you if possible. The problem is just that all celebrity-couples that “come out” ends up being torn apart by the media and I love you too much for that to happen so I just want to wait a little.” He looked into her eyes and her body felt warm from the heat in his gaze. “What do you say?”

You had me at 'I do want to marry you'.” She laughed and threw herself around his neck and hugged her love with all she had.

Her life may not be perfect but she gets to be with the person that loves her more than anything and to Renge, that's good enough. Most people say that three people are a family but that's wrong. Two people can be a family if there is enough love between the two of them.


A/N: That's the last chapter folks... Sad as always but the show must go on, ne? Hope you enjoyed the story and please comment. I'm in love with your comments *dreamy eyes* <3

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Ramadiiiramadiii on November 5th, 2009 02:22 pm (UTC)
I'm working on one now so please read it if you have the time ;)

And thanks again for reading this! Made me really happy <3
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Of course! so happy to hear that, cant wait to read it =}